The following list represents our currently funded initiatives.


Focus Area

Greene Street Friends: Horizons Summer Learning Loss Program

Greene Street Friends: Horizons Summer Learning Loss Program is a six-week summer literacy enrichment program. Greene Street Friends has partnered with Horizons in a national network of transformational education and enrichment programs that put low-income public school students on a path to success in school and life.

Early Learning

$150,000 / 5 years


iPraxis increases student interest in and exposure to STEM disciplines by bringing individuals with a STEM background (students, professionals, retirees, professors, and others) into schools to work with students on science fair projects, lead after-chool clubs, give presentations and simply make science fun and meaningful. iPraxis continues to expand volunteer recruitment, training and support in order to work with more students and partner schools throughout the city.

Middle School Out-of-School Time Programs

$170,000 / 24 months

JEVS Health Employment Pipeline

Support to build an employment training program in partnership with Einstein Medical to prepare youth for patient representative positions.

Career Pathways

$275,500/ 2 years

JEVS Human Services

JEVS’ The Choice is Yours (TCY) program operated in partnership with the Philadelphia DA’s office, is an innovative diversion program for first-time, nonviolent felony offenders facing mandatory minimum prison sentences. TCY offers individuals a second chance at success: instead of prison, TCY participants perform reparative community service and receive job-readiness training, academic tutoring, mentoring, and job placement services.

Career Pathways

$300,000 / 2 years

Jobs For the Future, Inc

Support for work to organize educational system with employment opportunities

Career Pathways

$500,000 / 3years

Juvenile Law Center

Juvenile Law Center strives to ensure that laws, policies, and practices affecting youth are rooted in research and consistent with children’s unique developmental characteristics. The Center also works to ensure that all children are given a second chance and that their contact with the justice system does not limit their future opportunities. Through policy reform and public education, the project works to create opportunities for youth to access high-quality, career and technical education (CTE) as well as eliminate the barriers to employment caused by having a juvenile record.

Career Pathways

$156,000 / 2 years


KIPP Philadelphia Schools’ mission is to develop the character, knowledge and skills of its students so that they will succeed in college. In addition to supporting strong academics, KIPP encourages students’ growth and achievement through enrichment activities, ongoing character education, support for the transition to high school and exposure to the world around us. This is made possible by extending the school day, as well as adding Saturday school and three weeks of school in August.

Middle School Out-of-School Time Programs

$150,000 / 2 years

Legacy Youth Tennis and Education

Legacy Youth Tennis and Education prepares young people for success as active, responsible citizens through innovative tennis, educational support, life skills and leadership development programming. Changing the Game, Legacy’s afterschool program offered at various community sites, is designed to positively impact participants’ health, wellness and fitness; non-cognitive skills such as grit, resiliency, consciousness and self-control; and educational success.

Middle School Out-of-School Time Programs

$135,000 / 24months

Memphis Street Academy

Memphis Street Academy enhances, supports and promotes the critical thinking and problem solving skills of learners as they master and exceed Pennsylvania and national education standards.

Middle School Out-of-School Time Programs

$7,500 / 6 months

Mighty Writers

Mighty Writers builds welcoming and fun youth writing centers in challenged neighborhoods, offering year-round programs including an afterschool Mighty Academy, themed writing workshops, mentorships and a College Readiness Initiative. Mighty Writers continues to expand and strengthen middle school programming at four community sites through staff and volunteer training focused on the unique needs of middle school students, with special focus on the transition to high school.

Middle School Out-of-School Time Programs

$75,000 / 14 months

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