The following list represents our currently funded initiatives.


Focus Area

Philadelphia Works Inc.

Pay for Success Structuring Program Pilot

Career Pathways

$80,000 / 3 years

Philadelphia Youth Basketball, Inc.

Philadelphia Youth Basketball provides positive coaching and mentorship, academic support, leadership development and family engagement for eighty middle school children in North Philadelphia.

Middle School Out-of-School Time Programs

$300,000 / 2 years

Philadelphia Youth Network

Philadelphia Youth Network (PYN) aligns systems and leverages resources to improve workforce outcomes for youth. Exceed 18k will build upon the solid foundation that has been laid by PYN, working across Philadelphia’s diverse and deeply committed network of youth workforce development partners, to expand the partnerships, program models and infrastructure needed to achieve sustainability and scale. PYN will double the number of youth served (to 18,000 annually) through youth workforce development programs in Philadelphia and create a citywide youth employment “hub” focused on a centralized point of entry for youth, employers and providers.

Career Pathways

$200,000 / 2 years

Philadelphia Youth Network: WorkReady

Sponsor students under the 2017 WorkReady Philadelphia internship program to benefit West Philadelphia.

Career Pathways

$150,000 / 1 year

Play on Philly!

Support for an intensive music instructional program for youth in low-income areas. The program builds the executive function of students during a year-round afterschool program.

Middle School Out-of-School Time Programs

$200,000 / 2 years

Rebuilding Together Philadelphia

Support for career training with CTE students from Randolph and Edison schools.

Career Pathways

$225,000 / 1 year

Settlement Music School

Middle school music programs

Middle School Out-of-School Time Programs

$150,000 / 3 years


Spark partners with schools and company volunteers to expose and prepare youth for future careers. Each fall semester, students learn twenty-first-century skills through school-based workshops and practice new skills with professional volunteers while learning about a variety of career pathways. In the spring, students work with a mentor to solidify their new skills through a hands-on career discovery project related to an area of student interest.

Middle School Out-of-School Time Programs

$160,000 / 2 years

Steppingstone Scholars

Steppingstone Scholars’ Middle Grades Academy coordinates partnerships with schools, universities and other local resources to engage high-performing students in advanced math/science curricula at their neighborhood schools (Scholars Program), provide counseling and mentorship to support students in planning their high school and college trajectory, and bring in high-quality STEAM enrichment activities that expand and enhance learning of twenty-first-century skills and career trajectories.

Middle School Out-of-School Time Programs

$260,000 / 2 years


Sunrise supports young people in staying on track for high school graduation and connecting to postsecondary education and training. Part of ongoing middle school programming, JumpStart builds twenty-first- century skills and gets youth thinking about future possibilities, while providing information and supports for maneuvering high school selection and transition. The six-week JumpStart summer bridge program works with rising ninth graders to prepare for a successful transition to high school.

Middle School Out-of-School Time Programs

$140,000 / 2 years

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Photo: YouthBuild Philadelphia