The following list represents our currently funded initiatives.


Focus Area

Mt. Airy USA

Mt. Airy USA’s Mt. Airy Reads Initiative partners with five schools and the local community to increase the reading levels of students in kindergarten through third grade. Using instructional coaches and books from the Children’s Literacy Initiative, schools have begun changing the literacy environment.

Early Learning

$245,000 / 16 months

Mural Arts

The Philadelphia Mural Arts Program is the largest public arts initiative of its kind and a model for community development across the country and around the globe. An average of 35 participants are referred to the Guild program by Youth Violence Reduction Partnership (YVRP) and 25 are referred by the Philadelphia Prison System (PPS). Those coming from PPS receive preliminary training in the prison and are eligible to participate in the Guild for four months. Those coming from YVRP have no preliminary training and are eligible to participate in the Guild for six months. Participants receive $12 an hour for 20 hours per week, during which time they are engaged in Skill-building, Workshops, Apprenticeship on Murals and Community Improvement Projects, Work Readiness Training.

Career Pathways

$250,000 / 2 years


Musicopia’s professional musician-instructors and ensembles immerse students in experiencing, studying, and performing music from cultures around the globe. Out-of-school time initiatives that engage middle school students include the Musicopia String Orchestra and the Musicopia Percussion Ensembles, as well as Dancing Classrooms Philly, an affiliate that offers ballroom dancing training as a vehicle for building character and social skills.

Middle School Out-of-School Time Programs

$75,000 / 1 year

New Freedom Theatre, Inc.

New Freedom Theatre is an artistic education institution rooted in the African American tradition. An expanded middle school intensive for up to 64 students will provide artistic training, self-awareness and development of self-esteem, self-actualization and creative talents.

Middle School Out-of-School Time Programs

$40,000 / 1 year

Opera Philadelphia

Opera is launching an industry pipeline program entitled “Workforce Readiness Program” (WRP) that will create a training program for students to access technical careers in the performing arts. This program is unique in that it is the first in the country to pair students with union employees from the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) and the American Guild of Musical Artists (AGMA).

Career Pathways

$193,000 / 3.3 years

Penn Medicine

Penn Medicine is committed to remain a world-leading institution in three equally valued and inter-related missions of patient care, education and research. The Penn Medicine High School Program is two-fold: 1) create a pipeline of future employees for the University of Pennsylvania Health System; and 2) deliver on the commitment to West Philadelphia to expose youth to careers in the healthcare industry. The Program is designed to serve a cohort of 11th and 12th grade students for a period of two years with the goal of earning a high school credential, exposure to various careers within the health care industry and upon successful completion earning full-time employment with Penn Health System or transitioning into a post-secondary option.

Career Pathways

$300,000 / 2 years

Philadelphia Academies

Program support for Roxborough and Lincoln High Schools and implementation of career academy model.

Career Pathways

$350,000 / 15 months

Philadelphia Clef Club of Jazz & Performing Arts

Philadelphia Clef Club of Jazz & Performing Arts celebrates and preserves the legacy of jazz through education as well as a jazz performance venue. The Clef Club’s Music Education programs bring together a unique intergenerational community that provides rich opportunities for mentoring aspiring young musicians, instrumental instruction on-site and in area schools, formal and informal musical participation experiences and opportunities for youth to work side-by-side with leading and emerging jazz musicians.

Middle School Out-of-School Time Programs

$50,000 / 1 year

Philadelphia OIC

Philadelphia OIC assists the unemployed, underemployed, homeless, and disadvantaged youth and adults with achieving self-sufficiency and empowerment through education, job training, job placement, human service support, housing and economic development programs. The Coding Boot Camp will prepare minority students who are disproportionally represented in the Tech Industry for careers as web designers. The OIC will offer 48 classes over a 12-week period. Students will participate in three 3-hour in-class daily sessions three days per week and one 1-hour weekly remote session.

Career Pathways

$150,000 / 1 year

Philadelphia School Notebook

Philadelphia Public School Notebook is an independent, nonprofit news service serving supporters of the Philadelphia public schools. The Notebook serves as an information source and voice for parents, students, teachers and other members of the community. The Notebook will create an educational insert reporting on career and technical education opportunities.

Career Pathways

$35,000 / 1 year

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