The following list represents our currently funded initiatives.


Focus Area

Year-Up Philadelphia

Support for training and internship program in financial services and computer technology.

Career Pathways

$300,000 / 2 years

Yes! and …Collaborative Arts

Support for after school programming in cultural arts

Middle School Out-of-School Time Programs

$35,000 / 1 year

Youth Build Philadelphia

Youth Build Philadelphia is an innovative career and technical education leader, specifically designed to serve inner-city, high school dropouts who have aged out of the public school system. YBPhilly backward-maps its vocational programming from general and specific employer feedback to meet real on-the-ground labor market demand and create life-transforming opportunities for young people who need it most. The program blends a rigorous academic curriculum with hands-on, industry-recognized vocational training and preparation through community service. Customer Service in Excellence Training (CSET) includes 80 hours of in-class training and hands-on customer service activities, 80 hours of on-the-job training and 146 hours of hands-on experience. 90 students will participate in the program.

Career Pathways

$300,000 / 1 year

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Photo: YouthBuild Philadelphia