The Lenfest Foundation seeks to support children, youth and young adults in the following areas:

Early Learning: We support high-quality pre-K options and literacy instruction during K– 3 to help children build a strong academic foundation. 

Middle School Out-of-School Time Programming:  We support high-quality programs that provide middle school students with opportunities for career exposure, a strong connection to a caring adult and a positive transition into high school. 

Career Pathways:  We seek to increase the number of high-quality career pathways that equip youth and young adults with the necessary knowledge, skills, experiences and credentials to succeed in the twenty-first-century economy. 

The foundation awards grants to support program planning and unrestricted general operating costs. The majority of the foundation’s investments are made via Program Grants, which are awarded through a competitive process to organizations seeking funding for a specific initiative or program within one of our priority areas. We invest only in organizations providing services in Philadelphia

Applications for Planning, General Operating, and Program Grants are accepted by invitation. Please note that the Lenfest Foundation does not support special fundraising events or sponsorship activities such as purchasing tickets, tables or advertisements. The Lenfest Foundation also does not award grants or loans to individuals.



Photo: University City Science Center