At this time, all proposals are initiated by invitation only. Interested organizations are encouraged to complete the interest form provided below to share a brief description of your project (500 words maximum). The foundation team will review the concept and determine whether your project aligns with the priorities of the foundation.

Grant proposals are developed through a collaborative process between our staff and potential applicants, then reviewed by the Lenfest Board of Directors three to five times a year. All applications must be submitted by July 1 or January 1, and will be considered for funding throughout the year.

We will notify applicants if there is interest in pursuing a potential investment based on alignment with our current priorities and available resources within 30 days of submission. For projects invited to move forward, the next stage of proposal development includes conversations with Foundation staff and a potential site visit, which will inform the completion of a project summary and funding recommendation for Board review. To read more about our grant process, click here.

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