We are one community. And to have a lasting impact, organizations, civic leaders, and residents must come together to develop the solutions our children need. At the Lenfest Foundation, we think the first step in collaboration is to share knowledge. We are committed to sharing valuable resources so that individuals who touch young lives can continue to learn, expand, enhance, and create a new normal.


Below are a series of articles, publications or speeches that provide some provocative information for practioners who are seeking to improve their practice.


Growing Together, Learning Together

What Cities Have Discovered About Building Afterschool Systems

This research study examines powerful impact of after-school programs and provides examples of how to strengthen programs.

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Hours of Opportunity, Volume 1

Lessons from Five Cities on Building Systems to Improve After-School, Summer School, and Other Out-of-School-Time Programs

An examination of the OST systems in five city's and discoveries of how to improve the program delivery system.

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The Early Catastrophe

The Thirty Million Word Gap

A pivotal 4-year study of families from different socio-economic backgrounds found a huge differences in the number of words heard by children in poor families versus those in high income families – poor children heard 30 million less words. This resulted in big differences in their skills and knowledge and follow-up studies show that there are lasting effects.

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Economic Investment

The Rate of Return to the HighScope Perry Preschool Program

This study provides a sound case for the economic benefits for investing in this is the often cited paper that makes the economic argument for high-quality early learning. James Heckman, a Nobel Prize winning economist says that the rate of return for investing in high-quality early learning programs for low income children is 7-10% annually in societal, economic gains.

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Brain Architecture

The Timing and Quality of Early Experiences Combine to Shape Brain Architecture

Understanding why early learning experiences matter during those critical first years of heightened brain development.

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Changing Philadelphia's Education System

Stacy Holland Delivers TEDx Presentation

Stacy Holland, former Executive Director of the Lenfest Foundation, discusses increasing access to the academic, career, and support services necessary to for Philadelphia's children to build bright futures and prepare them to be leaders in the workforce.

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